2012 World Nutella Day February 5th (Nutelline Day) – What a Blast!

So yet another fun and great day spent with family and friends concocting up recipes with Nutella.  Makes the day fun when you try to come up with something new and then you have to face the others and see how well your recipe turned out!  All of us came in saying how pathetic our recipes came out- laughing out loud. We are all getting better at it each year!  However, all our recipes were great!

Mom – Nutella Tower Bread and Scicilian Sfinci’s With Nutella

Franca – New York Style Nutella Cheese Cake with Chocolate Sauce & Caramel Sauce

Toni – Baked Nutella Cheese Cake

Erica – Nutella & Rasberry Croissants

Melissa – Nutella Profiterols (thanks Bruno for your help)!

Grace – Nutella Pizza 7 Nutella and Peanut Butter Pizza

Marie – Hazelnut Nutella Cake

Sandra – Croissant (Family Secret Recipe) 🙂

Pictures are uploaded, take a tour and have fun.

Thanks to all my friends and family that could join me in participating and honouring World Nutella Day 2012.

What  a FabuNutelline Day!!!!!

Too much sugar made us all Nutella Crazy!  Stay tunned for our recipes and crazy pictures.  Enjoy!

I decided to make our Nutella Day a Valentine Nutella Theme (NUTELLINE).  Will you be my Nutelline?

Ms Adventures in ItalyBleeding Espresso, and World Nutella Day

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